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ColorSWING Crazy Brain Puzzle


Do you think that this is just another logic task game?

Oh no! You’ll be surprised!

 «ColorSWING» is monumentally addictive, engaging and challenging

3D puzzle game, not similar to any other. Its uniqueness lays in composition of fascinating logic mode and exciting gameplay of dynamic mode.


– Easy to learn, fun to play;

– Real-time 3D graphics with special effects and active score-keeping;

– Functions «Assistants» ;

–  Auto-save on exit;

– Listen to your iTunes music while playing;

– Know and improve your high score with «OpenFeint» leaderboards.


In this addictive puzzle game you have to disassemble the cylinder by combining and removing three or more bricks of the same color. The cylinder is composed of several multi-layered rings. You can rotate each ring separately and the whole cylinder with a two-finger movement. «ColorSWING» has two playing modes: «Logic» and «Dynamic», with 3 difficulty levels in both modes.

– «Logic mode» is to check your brains;

– «Dynamic mode» is to experience your speed.


You need to disassemble the cylinder as fully as possible. You should combine three or more bricks of one color with single tap and remove them with next tap. The task is considered to be done when there are no possible combinations, or the cylinder is fully disassembled.


The cylinder consists of elements of different colors starting on the first layer. Step-by-step, the cylinder is filled with successive layers. You should combine three or more bricks of each color. The task is to remove bricks faster than they are generated, stop the cylinder from overflowing and earn the max score.

As developers we are proud that in the 25th Anniversary of Tetris we implemented the project, which is highly requested by the lovers of logic games.  We hope that it will be very addictive for fans of «Tetris», «LineUp», «Trism» and «Bejeweled».

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