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Fly-Flap Review

WoW! New segment of iPhone games was announced by AppAdvice – Wacky Apps. And here we are with Fly-Flap!

Fly-Flap” is a game belonging to the “Tap-games” class with two game modes – “Arcade” and «Campaign».

The game is executed in 2D cartoon style with high-quality graphics and sound. The developers vocalized all the sounds in this game with their own voices, which gives the game a distinctive peculiarity and makes the player catch their good spirits, as well as dedication and excitement they felt when creating the game.


Player has to kill annoying flies trying to score maximum number of points and “stay alive”. And it isn’t an easy job to do!)

Developers provided for a number of bonuses – “Good Bonuses” and “Bad Bonuses”.

One of them will help the player to go through the game, while the others will, on the contrary, get in the player’s way.

In the game you will have helpers – small spiders, which need to be fed with flies from time to time (it doubles the score). At the same time, there are poisonous beetles; if you squash those, you are going to have problems.

“Scoring system”

We should separately discuss the scoring system as well. In “High Scores” point are scored for:

– hitting the target;

– number of misses made;

– it also depends on how fast you go through a level in “Campaign” mode.

“Scoring system” is what makes “Fly-Flap” game a real time-killer, which can be played again and again improving your result.

According to the developers, the upcoming upgrade of the game is sure to include the system of scoring points “on-line”, where the players would be able to compare their results with those of other players from all over the world.


It is a set of 10 levels with different missions, which become more and more difficult from level to level. If a player wishes to improve his/her result when going through the “Campaign” mode, he/she will always be able to replay any level, thus achieving the desired result and immortalizing the record in the table of points scored.

FIRST HUNT” – the first level, where the player gets familiarized with the flies; they can be killed if you simply tap on them or shove them to the side;

HUNGRY SPIDER” – within a minute you have to feed 10 spiders with flies, and you must not forget about scoring points;

RUNNING BEETLES” – many beetles running over the screen; they will keep the player from hitting the targets;

SPEEDY FLIGHT” – this level requires maximum speed and accuracy;

ENJOY BUBBLES” – when making many points you should quit while you are ahead, because misses will bring all of your efforts to zero;

CATCH A BONUS” – you can go through this level only using different bonuses;

DON’T TOUCH IT!” – the player has to see the difference between simple flies and infected ones;

COLOR DIFFERENCE” – one has to sort the flies by color putting them into pails of corresponding color;

VERY BAD BONUS” – many bad bonuses will prevent you from going through this level;

LESSON OF SURVIVAL” – this level is a sort of exam, where you should use all the skills acquired in order to live in 90 seconds’ time.

The developers claim that “Fly-Flap” game will be replenished with new interesting and exciting levels, which will be available for users with the upcoming updates of the game.


Developers from “Astalavista Game Development” consider “Fly-Flap” to be an exciting and sightly game with not in the least boring gameplay, therefore, it compares favorably with the other games of “Tap-games” class.


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